Honor, Courage,

        and Commitment


Our mission is to work together towards common goals and interests. Sharing our experiences, needs and hopes for the future.



Volunteer and career firefighters that wish to be a part of this campaign and effort to bring the Brotherhood together for camaraderie, support and unity.


our goal

Platinum Membership

Platinum membership is reserved  for those companies or organisations that wish to take a highly active role in the fire protection industry and the activities of the Association.

Corporate and Organisation Platinum is the highest level of membership available within FFIRE. Because of this, Platinum members are only approved based on application to the Association's Board of Directors and the total number of Platinum members is limited to a select group of companies and organisations.

Membership Services

FFIRE offers a flexible range of membership options across Individual, Corporate and Organisational categories. These options are based on a tiered structure with a range of benefits to suit all stakeholders working in, or associated with, the fire protection industry . 

FFIRE offers a diverse range of benefits that add real value for our members. The Association is committed to advocating the importance of fire protection to policy makers while professionally representing the industry to the wider community.


FFIRE is a major technical and educational fire safety organisation aiming to achieve continual improvement in fire safety through active membership and a range of activities. FFIRE provides a central source of information and services to promote the protection of life, property and the environment.

 Members represent every aspect of the fire safety community - manufacturers and suppliers of fire protection products and services, fire-fighters, building owners, insurers, designers and surveyors, government and legislators, educators and anyone else working as part of the fire safety community - to provide a safer environment. 


 FFIRE goes to great lengths to ensure that all the information presented is accurate and makes every effort to ensure that information is kept up to date. FFIRE accepts no responsibility for the completeness or accuracy of any of the information provided and makes no representation about its suitability for any particular purpose. If you use any information provided by us, you do so at your own risk. Users should make their own judgements about those matters and/or seek independent advice to assess the relevance of its contents. FFIRE does not accept responsibility for any information you use which has a detrimental effect on your business.

FFIRE is an association to bring together ALL firefighters, departments, associations and  organizations worldwide.